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Diya is most centered with a brush in hand, working out her thoughts in color. She is determined to live authentically in community. Her favorite activity is to sip a hot cup of tea while in a deep enriching conversation.

Diya is a trained Mental Health Counselor and Art Therapist living in the Greater Boston Area. She received her MA from Lesley University and her BA in Psychology and Studio Art from Franklin and Marshall College. In her many lives, she’s worked with people of all ages at varying levels of functioning and hopes to continue. She is currently working as an artist, teacher and freelance art installer.

Diya’s hope is to create a safe and enriching environment where people, whatever their age, are able to connect with their spirit and leave feeling centered and able. She uses art as a way to encourage the development of creativity and imagination. She believes these to be vital skills for the future workforce, along with the ability to collaborate. Her hope of building a creative community is in part to address the growing concerns around modern loneliness. She hopes for art to create these emotional bridges.

The workshops Diya offers focuses on developing artistic skills, which run parallel to developing resilience and self-assurdeness. When it becomes the foundation for self - expression, it affords you a way to focus on your own well-being. Doesn’t that sound like a better way to self-soothe?

What does conscious living look like for you? Diya is open to collaborations and is curious to ask her community what they need. Send her a message.

She’s also available for creative consults, installations, and instruction.


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