Mindful Art Making workshops

Registration closes 2 days before the date of the event.

In mindful art-making you will make art in a slow, focused manner using the process to fully experience the present moment. Engaging your senses and thoughts through the materials and modalities may offer you an emotional release. During these brief reflective sessions you will be encouraged to gauge your own boundaries. Each participant will be encouraged to respect each group member’s privacy.

Hang back and schedule your hour of free consult, that is included, in case it would be beneficial to further explore what came up. In this hour, you will have the opportunity to discuss your specific wellness needs and available supports.

Neither the sessions or the consults replace medical or clinical care, appropriate suggestions will be made or steps taken to maintain the safety of the group and individual.



MAKE with an artist

1st saturday of every month TBD

$80 - $125 all materials included 2-4 hours

Have you been missing out on 1st Fridays? Or feel so inspired after one that you need to make something? Ever wanted to know how an artist spends their time? Come spend 1st Saturday afternoons learning a technique and putting it to practice.

The presentations are designed to inspire creativity and could be in the form of discussion, use of materials, or exploring of the process of opening up to creativity. The visiting artists will take you on their chosen journey, the  specifics of which can be found by clicking Next Session.


p-c talk

4th saturday of every month TBD

$80 All materials included 2 hours

These workshops are designed to deepen the bonds of communication between parent and child. Make a date of it! In this world where we rush around meeting everyone’s demands, sometimes we long for a little quality time with our little ones. Here’s a space where you can get to know each other in a different way among others who are doing the same.


UNwind Rewind

2nd Sunday of every month TBD

$80 all materials included 2.5-3 hours

These workshops begin by raising body awareness before engaging in a creative process. The final self-reflection in words can sometimes lead to lengthier discussions. The process and ritual make different impressions at separate times.


a budding artist

over long weekends, school vacations 9am-12:30pm

2 days : $185; 3 days: $290; 5 days: $460 3.5-4hours 2 day minimum

All materials and snacks included

A Budding Artist Workshop will to teach foundational skills for painting to artistically inclined children between 4 and 10 years of age. The basic concepts for use of a specific medium will be explored with a bend towards found and recycled materials.

The small class size aims to focus on skill building toward mastery in fun and creative ways.