About Tuk tak studio

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Bengali words translating to this and that, give meaning to the daily workings of this studio.

A little of this and and a little of that! 

As in the name, the ideas for Tuk Tak Studio were collected from different parts of the artist and owner’s life to synthesize into this studio. Her Indian, and specifically, Bengali roots informed some of the organic development of the space. Like the Alpona in the middle of the logo design.

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A runny crushed rice paste is skillfully dripped along a cotton rag held in bare hands, fingers extending and wrists turning. The lines quickly develop into intricate stark white designs described as spontaneous by the creator. These spontaneous ritualistic creations, passed along by the women, mark the beginning of religious or social occasions and the start of a community gathering. With skill on her side Sraboni Lahiri’s free spirit marks the center here.

In keeping with the theme, Tuk Tak Studio hopes to fill creative needs of the community by making imaginative and meaningful art. Offerings at the studio reflect an openness for participants diverse in age, style of learning and creative exploration. Our creative journeys will dabble in various materials and modalities, including movement, music, and writing. The studio also intends to invite guests to lead workshops and sessions to encourage diversity of thought.


Along with workshops, Tuk Tak Studio offers individual private art instruction, creative consults (including color and interiors) off-site classes, art installations, paintings for sale, commissions and collaborations.

Please click on the calendar tab to look at our current offerings. The registration form is available at the bottom of this page or through the event, on the calendar.

Tuk Tak Studio is also available to other artists, educators, and wellness practitioners at an hourly rate. Please contact us directly to check for availability and schedule your class.

your soul is a place of divinity,
your heart is a sacred temple;
whomever you let enter
should have clean feet and good intentions
— Billy CHapata, "Chameleon Aura"


Art work by S.M. 6 years


Art by B.W 4.5 years


Detail of artwork by J.W. 7 years



Exploring mindful and conscious living through various creative modalities

Encouraging enriching intergenerational exchange

Normalizing the value of good mental health



Feeding creativity and imagination

Providing a safe and enriching environment

Developing a visual language for self-expression

Providing tools for internal health and self-discovery

Encouraging respectful exchange between all members of the community

Respecting individual perspectives and responses to art that moves

Providing a creative space for other teachers, artists, and art therapists



Providing opportunities for stimulating imagination and creativity

Encouraging curiosity and reflection

Approaching living and working with integrity and consciousness